Nekko Information Systems has been providing web services since 1999.

Web Hosting: We provide hosting of a variety of media including web pages and audio/video.

High quality email marketing: We also provide an email marketing application that can be used to manage high quality content, mailing lists, mail delivery, reporting, archiving and search.

Custom Web Support: Nekko provides custom web solutions. Examples include web form management with data collection and reporting, as well as secure file transfer services and e-commerce solutions. Other projects include an online, interactive reader service for educational use, and a system for managing the inventory of stray animals for an animal shelter.

About us: Located in California, USA, we are a small Bay Area company with a background in internet hardware and software technologies. We are not and do not aspire to the status of a "MegaCorp", and we like it that way :)

Nekko Information Systems provides a powerful marketing solution with its web-based HTML email content-management and delivery system. You are viewing a sample of content managed by this system.  

Oakland, CA, as seen from across the San Francisco Bay

When you start using the service you will receive access to a secure, password-protected application that allows you to manage your own HTML templates and mailing lists.

Washington Senators autographed baseball, ca. 1946

As an example, you may have a monthly newsletter. You store your email address lists securely within the application. Each month, you change the content of your newsletter within your HTML template, and then instruct the application to queue your newsletter for delivery to your mailing lists. When you are ready, you instruct the application to send your newsletter as HTML email.

If you wish, you can track readership of those messages and publish an archive as a permanent record of this edition of your newsletter for hosting by Nekko. We support a plain text version of your content as well as email attachments. An additional service offering allows you to index your newsletter for full-text searching of your archives.

Blackberries thrive in Northern California

If you have an interest in learning more about this Nekko service, please contact Nekko Information Systems.

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